Reedy Branch Falls – South Carolina, US

Reedy Branch Falls – South Carolina, US

Reedy Branch Falls – aka Burson’s Falls – is a 30′ gem that the entire family can enjoy. The hike is just under 1/4 mile and is quite easy. This land was slated for development years ago, but the forest service was able to purchase the property before the first house was built. The waterfall spills over a 100′ wide rock ledge tucked away in a small cove.

Directions: From Westminster, drive west on US76 for about 16 miles and look for the right hand turn for Chattooga Ridge Rd. Don’t turn here, but continue on 76 for another 0.2 miles and look for an unmarked pull off on the left at a stone wall. Park here.

The hike begins just past the stone pillars on the gravel road and continues slightly downhill before reaching Reedy Branch at a washed out stone bridge. Look to the left for a trail that continues up creek the remaining distance to the waterfall.

Video Source: Reedy Branch Falls – Oconee County, South Carolina // 4K from Nature In 4K By: Paul King on YoutubeCC BY