Mutawintji Gorge Walk – NSW, Australia

Mutawintji Gorge Walk – NSW, Australia

The Mutawintji Gorge Walk is located in the Mutawintji National Park.

The Mutawintji National Park, is a protected national park that is located in the Far West region of New South Wales, in eastern Australia. The 68,912-hectare national park is situated approximately 880 kilometres west of Sydney and about 130 kilometres north-east of Broken Hill.

The park also protects Mutawintji Historic Site, containing one of the best collections of Australian Aboriginal rock art.

This National Park is a real oasis in the desert.

It’s a long drive to get to Mutawinji, regardless of where you start, so in just about all cases it is suggested allow about 7-10 days to do it justice. While you can get to Mutawintji in a normal vehicle, you should look at a 4WD/AWD vehicle and check the road conditions and weather forecast prior to leaving.

Video Source: Mutawintji National Park, Mutawintji Gorge Walk from The Holiday Hunter on Youtube CC BY