Night Walk in Shanghai – Suzhou River to the Bund

Night Walk in Shanghai – Suzhou River to the Bund

The evening breeze blew on the face with a little coolness, the feeling of early autumn, but the temperature difference between morning and evening is still large.

The season of not too hot and not too cold is the best for walking. People come and go along the Suzhou River through the brightly lit riverbank. The closer you get to the Bund, the more people there are, especially on the Zhapu Bridge, which is crowded with people taking pictures, and there are wedding couples mixed in with the crowd.

In addition to the wedding shooters, most of the people here were tourists, unlike the people walking along the Suzhou River. Entering the Bund is even more crowded, the Bund will always be a hitting point in the hearts of people across the country.

Video Source: 夜色迷人 从苏州河到外滩Night Walk from Suzhou River to the Bund\ China streets \上海の街 \4K from WuWa Vision on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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