Castle of the Plessis Bourre – Écuillé, France

Castle of the Plessis Bourre – Écuillé, France

Château du Plessis-Bourré is a castle in the Loire Valley in France, situated in the commune of Écuillé in the Maine-et-Loire department.

Built in less than five years from 1468 to 1472 by Finance Minister Jean Bourré, the principal advisor to King Louis XI. The castle has not been modified externally since its construction and still has a fully working drawbridge.

The castle was purchased in 1911 by Henry Vaïsse who, when he died in 1956, bequeathed it to his nephew, François Reille-Soult, Duke of Dalmatie.

It was classified as a Monument historique in 1931.

Video Source: Chateau du Plessis Bourre par Raúl Rivas from Rhaul2 on Youtube CC BY