Water Sounds – Sangdong Moss Valley, Gangwon, South Korea

Water Sounds – Sangdong Moss Valley, Gangwon, South Korea

I went to Sangdong Moss Valley (영월 상동 이끼계곡) in Yeongwol County. It is a county in Gangwon Province, South Korea.

There are 16,000 species of moss in the world!

He appeared on Earth 4.1 billion years ago, so he is almost the same age as the Earth.

The clear water of Guryongsan and Samdongsan in the deep mountains of Gangwon-do flows down here.

It’s so cool and clean that you can’t even soak your feet.

Move around carefully so as not to injure the moss, and contain the moss and the sound of water.

The sound of water is sometimes rough and soft, so it sounds like a chorus of nature.

Listening to the various and beautiful sounds of water like a rainbow of seven colors, I hope you have a relaxing time.

Video Source: 일곱 빛깔 물소리, 영월 상동 이끼계곡 / The sound of seven colors of water, Sangdong Moss Valley in Yeongwol from Missing Hertz on YoutubeCC BY