Walk in Shanghai – Dongjiadu

Walk in Shanghai – Dongjiadu

Dongjiadu (董家渡) is the name of an area located on the banks of Huangpu River in Huangpu District of Shanghai. The name Dongjiadu originated from the Dongjiadu pier along the River.

The earliest surviving Catholic church is located here. This is the St. Francis Xavier Church (圣方济各沙勿略堂; or Dongjiadu Catholic Church (董家渡天主堂), formerly known as the Cathedral of St Francis Xavier at Tungkiatu or Dongjiadu Cathedral (董家渡主教座堂).

The first Catholic church in China (Church of the Savior) was built in 1553 within the Old City of Shanghai.

Walking from the Bund (外滩) to Dongjiadu, you can find the most commonplace feeling of old Shanghai, where there used to be a lot of shops. The names of most of the roads around there remind you of the bustle of the old days.

Nowadays, Dongjiadu has been greatly changed, a high-rise buildings rise up here, and we no longer see the lively and crowded market in the past.

Video Source: Shanghai, China, Old City to New Financial City I Sky Garden I 4k from LOVE SHANGHAI on Youtube

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