Walk in Shanghai – Autumn Qiuxia Garden

Walk in Shanghai – Autumn Qiuxia Garden

Qiuxia Garden (秋霞圃), one of the representatives of classical garden art in southern China, was built in the Southern Song Dynasty and is also one of the five major gardens in Shanghai. It is located in Jiading Town, Jiading District, Shanghai.

It is loved by tourists for its exquisite layout, elegant environment and small and exquisite features. Its architectural style of “small in large”, zigzagging characteristics have attracted the majority of architects to study.

Although Shanghai has entered winter, the climate is warm and the plants have just changed into autumn clothes. Under the winter sunshine, Qiuxia Garden looks like a high autumn air, which is a good time to visit the garden.

Video Source:【4K】Shanghai Travel 美丽的古典江南园林 秋霞圃\嘉定 \ China streets \上海の街 \4K \ Z6ii from WuWa Vision on Youtube CC BY