Walk in Jin Temple – Taiyuan City, Shanxi, China

Walk in Jin Temple – Taiyuan City, Shanxi, China

The Jinci or Jin Temple (晉祠; Jin Ancestral Hall) is the most prominent temple complex in Shanxi Province, China. It is located in Jinqi Town, 16 miles (25 km) southwest of Taiyuan City at the foot of Xuanweng Mountain.

It was founded about 1,400 years ago and expanded during the following centuries, resulting in a diverse collection of more than 100 sculptures, buildings, terraces, and bridges.

The best known structure at Jinci is the Hall of the Holy Mother (圣母殿, Shèngmǔdiàn), which was constructed from 1023 to 1032 (991 years ago) during the Song Dynasty. It has carved wooden dragons coiled around the eight pillars that support its upward-curving double-eave roof.

The complex includes a classical garden with a 3,000-year-old cypress dating from the Zhou Dynasty. To the west of Hall of the Holy Mother is a temple dedicated to the deity Shuimu.

Next to Jinci is the Wang Family Hall, a private villa built in 1532 (491 years ago) for Wang Qiong, a high-ranking official during the Ming Dynasty.

Jin Temple is one of the main tourist attractions in Taiyuan, a national key cultural relics protection unit of the People’s Republic of China, a national second-class museum, and one of the first national AAAA-level tourist areas.

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