Himalayan Cuckoo – Natural Bird Sound

Himalayan Cuckoo – Natural Bird Sound

The Himalayan cuckoo is a species of cuckoo in the genus Cuculus. It breeds from the Himalayas eastward to southern China and Taiwan.

It migrates to southeast Asia and the Greater Sunda Islands for the winter. It was formerly known as “Oriental cuckoo” and contained several subspecies found over most of Asia.

The total length is 29~32 cm. Iris dark brown, eye circles yellow. Mouth dark brown, underside of mouth base yellow. Feet orange.

Male head, neck, upper chest and back are mouse gray, wings dark brown, waist gray, tail feathers dark gray, and white ends. The lower chest and abdomen are white with obvious black horizontal spots.

The female bird resembles the male bird, but is smaller in size, with a brown neck and upper chest with black horizontal spots. The female bird has a red type, except for the white belly, the rest of the body is reddish brown, with black horizontal stripes.

Video Source: 中杜鵑/Himalayan Cuckoo from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube  CC BY