We really are going to see the Terra Cotta Warriors / Terra Cotta Army but had to spend another day just wandering around the amazing markets and streets of Xian first. We happen upon the famous and ancient Xian Mosque which boast some beautiful stone work. Some of the most incredible food we find are at little stands and hole in the wall places and this is no different…aside from this super cool conveyor belt restaurant! We find some time during our post meal stroll to marvel at how the Drum Tower and the Bell Tower are even more stunning at night when they are all lit up. We stumble upon some really entertaining Chinese TV programs which, even though we have no idea what’s going on, are really funny! We’ve talked about our amazing Alley Youth Hostel in Xian a couple times but we mean it, they are just fantastic! The cheapest and best place we’ve stayed in China, full stop. We get some dodgy directions for using the bus and wind up getting stranded for a bit but no worries, it just adds to the adventure.

Video Source: CHINA 中国 \\ GETTING STRANDED IN XIAN (FOR A MINUTE) // VLOG#85 from Sexy Coffee Travel Blog on YoutubeCC BY

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