Using the Alley Youth Hostel (our favorite place stayed in China and by far the cheapest) as our home base, we roam the streets of Xian looking for street food and other tasty meals and you know it doesn't take us more than a minute to find it! We dive right into Lamb Kebabs and have a nice feast of Xian local food for about $2 US. As we are in Xian's Muslim quarter, most of the meat offerings are lamb and chicken which works great for us because we love eating both! We spend hours wandering through the street markets in which you can find absolutely anything you want to (and even a few things you wish you hadn't found). We saw some beautiful combs and other trinkets carved from Water Buffalo horns that were so beautiful! Something we aren't a huge fan of is how fast everyone…yes everyone…careens through pedestrian crowded streets on their scooters. The rule of the road seems to be go as fast as you can while honking your horn and hoping people move out of the way. Hey, when in Rome 😉 We wander through west gate and around the gorgeous city wall and through city wall park. What an awesome piece of history! While sampling random delicious treats along the street we come upon Sour Plum Juice completely by mistake (I thought I was ordering Ginger Tea) and it ends up being our newest addiction! So yummy! By the way, did we mention the amazing Xian City Wall? We did? Well it's worth mentioning again!

Video Source: CHINA 中国 \\ BEST STREET FOOD OF XI'AN // VLOG#84 from Sexy Coffee Travel Blog on YoutubeCC BY