Yellow-throated Bunting – Natural Bird Sound

Yellow-throated Bunting – Natural Bird Sound

The yellow-throated bunting, also known as the elegant bunting, is a species of bird in the family Emberizidae. Its natural habitats are temperate forests and subtropical or tropical dry forests.

Body length 16 cm. Iris dark chestnut brown. The upper beak is gray-black, and the lower beak is lead pink. Feet flesh.

The male bird has a bunch of black-brown crown feathers raised high on the head. The forehead, back pillow, eye first, ear feathers, and cheeks are black. The eyebrow lines are divided into three sections, two small sections at the front and back, and a bright yellow section in the middle.

The shoulders, back and waist are chestnut brown with black vertical stripes, the feather margins are gray-white, the tail feathers are black, and the tail feathers on both sides are gray-white.

The jaws are yellow, the upper throat is white, the lower throat is yellow, the chest has an inverted triangular black spot, the lower abdomen is white, and the upper chest and flanks are mixed with chestnut brown longitudinal spots.

Females and males are the same color. The top of the head is brown with small black vertical stripes. The black area on the head and face of the male bird is dark brown in the female bird, the eyebrow stripe and jaw are light yellow, and the chest is inverted triangular with gray-black spots, and the rest is similar to the male bird.

Southeast Siberia, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and other places.

Video Source: 黃喉鵐/Yellow-throated Bunting from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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