Walking in Shanghai – Street Night Markets in Wujiaochang

This film records the night markets view of the Wujiaochang business area.

Wujiaochang is an area in Yangpu District, Shanghai, centred on a roundabout of five roads, hence its name (Wujiaochang means “five-cornered Square”). It has a total area of 3.11 square km and is the busiest area in northern Shanghai. It is divided in half by the Middle Ring Road, which cuts straight above the roundabout. It is one of the ten designated business hubs in Shanghai.

Yangpu District, Shanghai

Video Source: “地摊经济”下上海夜市Shanghai’s night market under the “economy”\漫步在上海\上海街道\ SHANGHAI STREET SCENE\上海の街を散策 from WUWA VISION on Youtube ⁄ CC BY