Walking in Shanghai – Sinan Mansions

Sinan Mansions started in 1920 near Fuxing Park. The garden houses in this area were built one after another, attracting a large number of military politicians, entrepreneurs, professionals and well-known artists to move in, making the area a residence and gathering place for the upper class society at that time.

This area is bound by Fuxing Road to the north, Sinan Road to the west, and Chongqing Road to the east.

The area has since the start of 2017 have designated as “Sinan Open Air Museum”. It over 50 historic garden houses in various forms.

Today, Sinan Mansions has become the “new business card” of Shanghai’s history.

This is a pleasant area to stroll and perhaps stop for a coffee and some cake.

Video Source: WAKLING IN SHANGHAI\思南公馆Sinan Residence\上海街景\ SHANGHAI STREET SCENE\今日上海SHANGHAI TODAY from WUWA VISION on Youtube ⁄ CC

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