Walk in Yokoku-ji Buddhist Temple – Kyoto, Japan

Walk in Yokoku-ji Buddhist Temple – Kyoto, Japan

Yokoku-ji Temple (楊谷寺) is an ancient Buddhist temple located in Nagaokakyo City (長岡京市), Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. It is a temple of the Seizan Jodo sect.

It is known as a temple of Okozui (Tokko water) and, recently, Japanese hydrangea. It is commonly called Yanagidani Kannon (meaning “a willow tree” in Japanese).

According to the temple legend, Enchin, the founder of Kiyomizu-dera Temple, established this temple in 806.

It is said that Enchin received a vision of the eleven-faced, thousand-armed, thousand-eyed Bodhisattva Kannon in this place and built a hall to enshrine it.

The temple is open on the 17th of every month. It is fair (anniversary of the founder’s death) is celebrated on the 17th of each month.

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