Walk in Xinchang Ancient Town, Shanghai

Walk in Xinchang Ancient Town, Shanghai

Xinchang Ancient Town (新场古镇) is located in the southwest of Pudong New District, Shanghai. It maintains the style and characteristics of the traditional ancient Jiangnan water town in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China.

The ancient town has 150,000 square meters of ancient buildings, of which 40,000 square meters are traditional residential buildings with more than two entrances, 68 ancient ritual gates, 2,000 meters of old streets, 1,200 meters of Ming and Qing dynasties stone revetments.

It presents the “eight ancient” historical charm such ancient streets, ancient archways, ancient houses, ancient ritual gates, ancient bridges, ancient revetments, ancient temples, and ancient ginkgo trees.

There are also a small number of western-style villas and modern religious buildings in the ancient town.

In 2008, Xinchang Ancient Town was honored as “Famous Historical and Cultural Town of China”. In 2011 and 2014, the ancient town won the title of “Hometown of Chinese Folk Literature and Art” twice, and in 2017, it was rated as a “Town with National Characteristics”.

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