Walk in Shanghai – Sichuan South Road to Hankou Road

Walk in Shanghai – Sichuan South Road to Hankou Road

In this video we will walk in the center of shanghai on the streets where you can still see the buildings of the old city. We start our walk from Renmin Street and walk along Sichuan South Road (四川南路) which has a length of 368 meters, located in the east of Huangpu District near Huangpu River.

We continue walking straight along Sichuan Middle Road and turn to Guangdong Road, which is lined with old buildings. Then we turn right onto Shandong Middle Road, where we also see old buildings along the road.

After walking a bit along Shandong Middle Road we turn left onto Fuzhou Road where we see more modern urban buildings than old ones.

02:03 Sichuan South Road
11:48 Sichuan Middle Road
13:51 Guangdong Road
20:39 Shandong Middle Road
23:28 Fuzhou Road
32:00 Zhejiang Middle Road
33:36 Baimixiangxie St
37:36 Hankou Road
38:03 Shanghai Christian Church (慕尔堂)

Video Source: 中国上海 I 漫步在上海黃浦老城區 I 4K from LOVE SHANGHAI on Youtube

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