Walk in Taishakuten Buddhist Temple – Okayama, Japan

Walk in Taishakuten Buddhist Temple – Okayama, Japan

Taishakuten (帝釈天) is a Buddhist temple located in Kita Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan.

Taishakuten is known in Sanskrit as Indra. In India, Indra was the ruler of the gods of the Veda. Not only was he the mightiest of gods, but also the god of storms, thunder, and war.

It is one of the guardian deities of Buddhism. Once incorporated into Buddhism, Taishakuten becomes one of its greatest protectors. Buddhists in Tibet, China, and Japan have adopted Taishakuten as their guardian deity.

We never enter places with prohibited signs, barriers, or blocked areas.

Video Source: 【 岡山市北区西花尻の山中にあるインパクトのある帝釈天様】急で危険な階段を乗り越えて到着! from Japan Vlog Spitube on Youtube CC BY

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