Walk in Shanghai – Zhoupu Town

Walk in Shanghai – Zhoupu Town

Zhoupu Town (周浦镇) is located in the west of Pudong New District, Shanghai.

The town has a history of one thousand years, and the name of Zhoupu was first seen in the “Yunma Zhi”, which was written in the fourth year of Shaoxi in the Southern Song Dynasty (1193), when it was a village.

In the Ming Hongzhi period (1488-1505), the county map of Shanghai Zhi was marked with “Zhoupu Town”.

Zhoupu town land area of 42.23 square kilometers, as of 2014, the registered population of 71,000, under the jurisdiction of 13 streets, including 228 communities. Famous attractions include the eight scenic spots.

Zhoupu seems to be developing very slowly, and the town we see is still in the early 1980s.

Video Source: 【LOVE SHANGHAI 】上海千年古镇周浦 如今酷似小县城 “小上海步行街” Shanghai Millennium Old Town: Zhoupu \4K from SHANGHAI DIVINE BEAST on Youtube

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