Walk in Gokonomiya Shrine – Kyoto, Japan

Walk in Gokonomiya Shrine – Kyoto, Japan

Gokonomiya Shrine (御香宮神社) is a Shinto Shrine located in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, Japan. It is also known as Gokomiya Shrine and Gokogu Shrine.

The main deity is Empress Jingu. Because of the legend of Empress Jingu in the mythology, she is worshipped as a goddess of safe childbirth.

The shrine was originally called “Omoro Shrine. The history of its founding is unknown, but there is a record that the shrine was renovated in 862 (the 4th year of Jougan).

According to legend, this year, fragrant water gushed out from the shrine grounds, and when the water was drunk, it cured illnesses. So the Emperor Seiwa of the time gave the shrine the name “Gokamiya” (meaning “fragrant shrine”).

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