Walk in Shanghai – Zhabei Park

Walk in Shanghai – Zhabei Park

Zhabei Park (闸北公园) is located in Jing’an District, Shanghai.

Song Jiaoren (Chinese revolutionary) died on March 20, 1913 after being assassinated in Shanghai and was buried on June 26, 1913 in Xiang Yi Lane, Zhabei, Jing’an District, Shanghai.

Later, the National Government opened a piece of land to build Song’s tomb, which was later converted into Song Park.

On June 5, 1935, the park was renamed as Jiaoren Park and was reopened on November 18 after a complete renovation, and was renamed Zhabei Park on May 28, 1950.

In 1959, when the park was expanded, new gates, pavilions, galleries, tea rooms, exhibition halls, etc.

1962-1964, the ice rink, boat dock and reading room were built successively.

Today, the tomb of Song Jiaoren in Zhabei Park is still preserved in its original location, and the stone eagle on the tomb of Jiaoren stands majestically on the tomb.

Video Source:【4K】Shanghai Travel 闸北公园 市民们在“中国宪政之父”墓前舞刀弄枪 \ China streets \上海の街 from 乌瓦 on Youtube CC BY

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