Walk in Shanghai – Wujiaochang after Unsealing

Walk in Shanghai – Wujiaochang after Unsealing

Wujiaochang (五角场) is a roundabout-centered area in Yangpu District, Shanghai. Wujiaochang means “five-cornered Square”; as it is centered on a roundabout of five roads.

It is now divided into three main blocks, namely the southern commercial center, the central knowledge and innovation center and the northern business center.

After the unsealing, I came to record again in Wujiaochang and I could see that it was slowly recovering.

Video Source: 【愛上海】国统时期打造的上海中心 现在的商业副中心 夜的漫步 Walking in Shanghai’s commercial sub-center:Wujiaochang from SHANGHAI DIVINE BEAST on Youtube CC BY