Walk in Shanghai – Donghu Road, Fumin Road

Walk in Shanghai – Donghu Road, Fumin Road

Donghu Road is in Xuhui District, Shanghai. It is 474 meters long. From Changle Road, southeast to Huaihai Road.

Donghu Road and the surrounding roads (Changle Road, Xiangyang Road) are one of the areas visited by Shanghai fashionistas and tourists, with many restaurants, cafes and bars.

Fumin Road is a north-south road in Jing’an District and Xuhui District. The road starts from Yan’an Middle Road in the north and Donghu Road in the south. The total length is 625 meters.

Video Source: 【LOVE SHANGHAI .4K】解封之後 上海老城區在慢慢恢復 小店零散開業 Go for a walk in the streets of Shanghai’s old city from SHANGHAI DIVINE BEAST on Youtube CC BY

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