Walk in Shanghai – North Sichuan Road

Walk in Shanghai – North Sichuan Road

North Sichuan Road is a north-south street in Hongkou District, Shanghai, with a total length of 3.7 kilometers.

North Sichuan Road was once the third commercial street in Shanghai except Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road, as early as during the Qing Dynasty, it was crowded with merchants from all over the country.

With the change of time, North Sichuan Road has been playing the role of the third largest commercial street in Shanghai, where the high quality of goods, but the price is low, is the first choice of Shanghai’s middle and lower class consumers shopping street, Shanghai has an old saying “buy things go to North Sichuan Road” can reflect its status at that time.

After 2010, with the rise of Shanghai’s four commercial sub-centers, street is gradually forgotten, although the area governed by the government has been reviving the prosperity of North Sichuan Road, but it seems that there is no way back. The once boisterous commercial street, now cold and clear.

This video was taken in the spring evening, the temperature is suitable for walking in the street, without the past glory.

Hongkou District, Shanghai

Video Source:【4K. Shanghai】上海百年商业街的沉寂 \ North Sichuan Road四川北路\ from WuWa Vision on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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