Walk in Shanghai – Jiading Huilongtan Park

Walk in Shanghai – Jiading Huilongtan Park

Huilongtan Park (汇龙潭; Hui Long Pool Park) is a park in Jiading District, Shanghai, covering an area of ​​4.8 hectares. In the 16th year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1588), a pond was built there, named Huilongtan.

In the 18th year of the Republic of China (1929), Huilongtan and its surrounding scenery were designated as Kuishan Park, which was the earliest park in Jiading.

After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, Kuishan Park suffered severe damage. In the late 1970s, the local area began to repair the Kuishan Park site.

The rebuilt park was opened to the public on June 1, 1979 and was renamed Huilongtan Park. On March 12, 1984, the second phase of the project was completed and opened to the outside world.

Video Source:【4K】Shanghai Travel 风铃迎我来,风铃送我去. 秋意盎然汇龙潭 \ China streets \上海の街 \ Z6ii from WuWa Vision on Youtube CC BY