Walk in Shanghai – Caoyang Xincun

Walk in Shanghai – Caoyang Xincun

Caoyang Xincun (曹杨新村) is a workers’ new village residential area built in 1951 in Putuo District, Shanghai. It is located to the west of Zhongshan North Road and south of Caoyang Road.

After construction began, Caoyang Xincun gradually developed into a large-scale community (Cao Yang Community) with high-quality education, medical care, culture, science and technology, environment, transportation and other resources. The entire community covers an area of 2.14 square kilometers.

Caoyang Xincun is not only a residential area, but also a cultural area.

It nurtured many outstanding literary and artistic talents, such as writers Wang Meng, Chen Zhongshi and Zhang Xianliang, movie directors Chen Kaige and Zhang Yibai, and actors Jiang Wen and Chen Daoming.

It is also the birthplace of many cultural activities and social movements, such as the Cultural Revolution and the Shanghai World Expo. Its historical and cultural value is widely recognized.


1:12 Meiling Branch Road
6:07 Mei Ling South Road
9:35 Lanxi Road
19:07 Huaxi Road
22:10 Cao Yang Park
32:38 Huaxi Road
39:30 Lanxi Youth Park
43:09 Lanxi Road
53:57 Guigang Road
56:46 Hengshan Road

Video Source: Shanghai, China I China’s First Workers’ Village I Cao Yang Xin Cun, Shanghai I 4K from LOVE SHANGHAI on Youtube

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