Walk in Shanghai – Autumn Colors in Peace Park

Walk in Shanghai – Autumn Colors in Peace Park

Shanghai Peace Park (上海和平公园) or Heping Park is a large park located in Hongkou District of Shanghai. It was built in August 1958 and named Tilan Park.

In 1959, a large stone sculpture of a dove symbolizing peace was built in the park, and the park was renamed Shanghai Peace Park. During the Cultural Revolution, the stone sculpture of the Peace Dove was destroyed, but the name of the park has been retained.

It is a comprehensive park featuring Chinese natural landscape garden style, covering an area of ​​264 acres, including 50 acres of water area.

In 2010, the park took measures such as renovating some buildings, updating navigation maps and signage, and improving various management rules and regulations, , and received the AAA rating of a national tourist scenic spot.

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