Evening Walk around Shanghai before Christmas

Evening Walk around Shanghai before Christmas

Before Christmas, the streets and shopping malls of Shanghai are decorated with colorful lights. People stroll around enjoying the evening views of the decorated streets and as well as the large Christmas trees in front of the shopping malls.

We will start our walk at the intersection of Shaanxi North Road (陕西北路) and Nanjing West Road (南京西路).

After walking along Nanjing West Road, we turn right onto Maoming Nord Road (茂名北路) and end up near Zhangyuan (张园). It is a historical neighborhood in Jing’an District, preserved shikumen (a style featuring Western and Chinese elements) houses compound.

Zhangyuan is bordered by Maoming North Road to the west, Shimen Road (No.1) to the east, Wujiang Road to the north and Weihai Road to the south.

Video Source: Shanghai, China I Meeting Chinese Primary School Students After School I 4K from LOVE SHANGHAI on Youtube

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