Walk in Hong Kong – Wan Chai Area

Walk in Hong Kong – Wan Chai Area

Wan Chai (灣仔) is situated at the western part of Wan Chai District on the northern shore of Hong Kong Island, in Hong Kong City.

Its other boundaries are Canal Road to the east, Arsenal Street to the west and Bowen Road to the south. The area north of Gloucester Road is often referred to as Wan Chai North.

Before the British occupation of Hong Kong Island in 1841, the area around Wan Chai was already inhabited by people, mainly fishermen. It is now one of the busiest commercial areas in Hong Kong with offices of many small and medium-sized companies. Wan Chai North features office towers, parks, hotels and an international conference and exhibition centre.

There are various landmarks and skyscrapers within the area, most notably the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), Central Plaza and Hopewell Centre.

As a residential, commercial, shopping and entertainment district, and with its proximity to the central business district of Central and the large shopping district of Causeway Bay, Wan Chai has a high demand for transportation. The area is served by MTR, buses, minibuses, trams and ferries.

Wan Chai offers historical conservation sites including Old Wan Chai Post Office, Hung Shing Temple and Yuk Hui Temple (Pak Tai Temple).

Lovers’ Rock (姻緣石) reclines on the hillside of Bowen Road near Shiu Fai Terrace. The rock received its name since it resembles a small, thin column sticking out of the rock base.

This special-looking rock is said to have granted happy marriages to its devoted worshippers. Many people are attracted by its reputation.

Video Source: Wan Chai, Hong Kong – Walking Tour 4K⁶⁰ (PART 1) from Lazy Explorer on Youtube  CC BY

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