Daurian Redstart – Bird Sound

Daurian Redstart – Bird Sound

The Daurian redstart is a small passerine bird from temperate Asia. In Japan, it is known as jōbitaki. The species was first described by Peter Simon Pallas in 1776.

15 cm in length. The iris is dark brown. The mouth and feet are black. The male bird is silver-gray from the top of the head to the occiput, the forehead, cheeks, throat, and back are black, with yellowish-brown feathers on the back, wide white spots on the wings, and orange below the breast.

The female bird is roughly gray-brown with small white spots on the wings.

Northern and Eastern Asia, China, India, Northern Indochina Peninsula, Taiwan and other places.

Video Source: 黃尾鴝(北紅尾鴝)/Daurian Redstart from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube  CC BY

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