Walk in Hong Kong – Sha Tin Shopping Malls

Walk in Hong Kong – Sha Tin Shopping Malls

Sha Tin, also spelt Shatin, is a neighbourhood along Shing Mun River in the eastern New Territories, Hong Kong.

I went to Sha Tin several connected shopping malls, with the exception of supermarkets with daily necessities, the flow of people in other stores is relatively sparse.

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00:23 New Town Plaza (新城市廣場)
03:26 Sha Tin Centre(沙田中心)
07:20 Lucky Plaza (好運中心)
12:45 Sha Tin Plaza (沙田廣場)
15:22 New Town Plaza (新城市廣場)

Video Source: Under the epidemic,New Town Plaza_Shatin Center_Lucky Center_Shatin Plaza,在疫情下的新城市廣場_沙田中心_好運中心_沙田廣場 from 漫遊香港A walk around Hong Kong on YoutubeCC BY

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