Sha Tin Che Kung Temple Walk, Hong Kong

Sha Tin Che Kung Temple Walk, Hong Kong

Che Kung Miu (車公廟), also called Che Kung Temple, are temples dedicated to Che Kung, who was a general during the Southern Song dynasty (1127–1279) in imperial China.

He is believed by some worshipers to have been involved in the attempt to keep the Song state alive by bringing Prince Ping and his brother to the South.

There are two temples dedicated to Che Kung in Hong Kong: one in Sha Tin and one in Ho Chung. Other temples in Hong Kong are partly dedicated to Che Kung.

Lunar New Year, many citizens visit Che Kung Temple to worship and pray for good health.

The original temple was first built at the end of the Ming Dynasty and was renovated in 1890, 1993 and 2004.

According to as story, during an epidemic that broke out in Sha Tin in the late Ming dynasty (1368–1644), possibly the epidemic of 1629, local residents found out from historical writings that Che Kung was not only merited for his successful suppression of uprisings, but was also known for clearing epidemics wherever he set foot in.

People therefore built a temple to house Che Kung in Sha Tin, and the epidemic subsided on the day the construction of the temple was completed. According to oral traditions, the Che Kung Temple at Sha Tin was founded from Ho Chung, when the god was “invited” from the existing Che Kung Temple in Ho Chung to Sha Tin.

Sha Tin, also spelt Shatin, is a neighbourhood along Shing Mun River in the eastern New Territories, Hong Kong.

it’s a walk in Che Kung Temple, Sha Tin, Hong Kong.

Video Source: Lunar New Year, many citizens visit Che Kung Temple, Sha Tin to worship.農曆新年不少市民前往沙田車公廟參拜。from 漫遊香港A walk around Hong Kong on YoutubeCC BY

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