Walk in Autumn Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park

Walk in Autumn Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park

Gongqing Forest Park is located in the Yangpu District in the north section of the city.

Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park entered autumn and the park held a chrysanthemum exhibition. I found some time to go to the flower show, but unfortunately the weather was a bit cloudy on the day I went.

Because the park is large, I was lost inside for a while and never found the chrysanthemum booth. After about almost an hour of turning around, I finally saw the booth of the painting exhibition.

The film is the second part.

Video Source:【4K】Shanghai Travel 上海共青森林公园.赏菊 \ China streets \上海の街 \4K \ Z6ii from WuWa Vision on YoutubeCC BY