Trang An Landscape Complex – Ninh Binh, VIetnam

Trang An is a scenic area near Ninh Binh, Vietnam renowned for its boat cave tours. On June 23st 2014, at the 38th session of the World Heritage Committee in Doha, the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex includes Hoa Lu, Tam Cốc-Bích Động, and Bai Dinh Temple.

Hoa Lu was the capital of Vietnam in the 10th and 11th centuries. It lies in Trường Yên Thượng village, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh Province. The area is one of ricefields broken by limestone mountains, and is approximately 90 km south of Hanoi.

Tam Cốc-Bích Động is a popular tourist destination in north Vietnam and part of the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex UNESCO World Heritage site. It is located in Ninh Binh province, near the village of Tam Cốc. The closest city is Ninh Binh.

Bai Dinh Temple or Bai Dinh Temple Spiritual and Cultural Complex is a complex of Buddhist temples on Bai Dinh Mountain in Gia Viễn District, Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam. The compound consists of the original old temple and a newly created larger temple. It is considered the largest complex of Buddhist temples in Vietnam and has become a popular site for Buddhist pilgrimages from across Vietnam.

Ninh Binh is a small city in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam. It is the capital of Ninh Binh Province.

Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam

Video Source: Khám phá Quần thể danh thắng Tràng An – Di sản thế giới UNESCO from Du Lịch & Ẩm Thực on Youtube ⁄ CC BY