Strolling in Shanghai – Sichuan Road

Sichuan Middle Road was originally a small river that leads to the Suzhou River. Because of the small bridge connecting the river, this small road is called Bridge Street. In 1855, after the road was reconstructed, the road was renamed Jiangsu Road. On December 13, 1865, it was renamed Sichuan Road. From 1865 to 1920, the Sichuan pavement was paved with gravel and later changed to asphalt pavement. In the 20th century, Sichuan Road was called a gathering place for business, religion, and government agencies. In the 1940s and 1940s, Sichuan Road has become one of the roads for financial institutions including the Central Trust Bureau and the Central Cooperative Treasury. In the 1950s, Sichuan Road became a concentration of government agencies and state-owned enterprises. After 1945, Sichuan Road was renamed Sichuan Middle Road to this day. This film is just a record.

Video Source: 漫步在上海\四川中路Strolling in Shanghai\Sichuan Road\4K from WUWA VISION ⁄ CC BY

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