Lin A-long TaiChiChuan in Russia, April – May 2019

Master Lin A-long has studied and researched the inner value of TaiChiChuan for over 60 year. He deeply believed that TaiChiChuan is a very good chance for a person to realize a deeper meaning of life and the truth in a very practical way.

Lin A-long TaiChiChuan is a complete learning system. The core idea is to understand more about the truth, the happiness and transfer the understanding into a practical way in our daily life.

To respond the invitation from Vladimir Maliavin (Professor of Sinology in Russia who learn TaiChiChuan from Master Lin A-long) One of Master Lin A-long’s student Chen Yu-Jhong fly oversea to share the core ideas of Lin A-long TaiChiChuan with Vladimir Maliavin’s students and friends. For the seeding opportunity of Lin A-long TaiChiChuan in the overseas world, the opening ceremony was kicked off. April-May, 2019.

Video Source: 林阿(念)龍太極拳在俄羅斯 21 -海外推廣教學 Lin A-long TaiChiChuan in Russia, April – May ,2019 from Sense of TaiChi on YoutubeCC BY

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