Spiaggia di Mari Pintau – Quartu Sant’Elena, Sardinia, Italy

Spiaggia di Mari Pintau – Quartu Sant’Elena, Sardinia, Italy

The beautiful beach of Mari Pintau is the pearl of the territory of Quartu Sant’Elena.

Quartu Sant’Elena, located four miles East from Cagliari on the ancient Roman road, is a city and comune in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.

It means ‘painted sea’. The signature on the painting is of nature itself, author of a masterpiece. There could be no more appropriate name.

The bottom is made of stones and granite pebbles round and polished that plunge into crystal clear waters thinning and leaving room for fine white sand. Its transparencies let you see clearly the sandy bottom dotted with rocks on which the sunlight reflects. Behind the beach hills are covered with fragrant Mediterranean shrubs, where a path develops to reach the sea from the parking lot. Mari Pintau is the ideal destination for those who practice underwater fishing or want to dive in the beautiful backdrops.

Video Source: Spiaggia di Mari Pintau (Quartu s’ Elena – Sardegna) aerial/drone from Simon Ska on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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