Walk in Shanghai – Songhu Road

Walk in Shanghai – Songhu Road

Songhu Road is a north-south road in Yangpu District, Shanghai. From Guofan Road in the north to Huangxing Road (Wujiaochang) in the south.

It is the main traffic arterial road in Xinjiangwan City, and as an urban boulevard in the inner city. The green landscape along Songhu Road has become an important part of the green belt of the city’s landscape, linking the landscape of Xinjiangwan City.

Today we are strolling along Songhu Road, which is located in the former Jiangwan Airport. The northern section of this road is lush and beautiful, and as it goes south, it gradually comes to life as far as the Wujiaochang business district, the sub-centre of Shanghai.

Yangpu District, Shanghai

Video Source: 漫步在原江湾机场之淞沪路Walk down Songhu Road\ China streets \上海の街 \4K from WuWa Vision on Youtube ⁄ CC BY