Shanghai – Jinshanzui Fishing Village from the Air

Shanghai – Jinshanzui Fishing Village from the Air

Jinshanzui Fishing Village is the earliest and oldest fishing village in Shanghai, and it is also the “living” fishing village that has survived today.

A Shanghai-Hangzhou highway passes between the sea and the fishing village. The distance between the fishing village and the sea is a road. Looking east from the sea, you can vaguely see the islands. The fishing village and the three Jinshan islands were originally connected, but gradually separated.

With the depletion of marine resources, Jinshanzui Fishing Village has also changed from the fishing life of relying on the sea to eat the sea to develop tourism in the fishing village.

This film is from a stroll around the fishing village, to see this surviving ancient fishing village from a different angle.

Jinshan District, Shanghai

Video Source: 4K China’s ancient fishing village\The last fishing village in Shanghai \ 上海の街 from WuWa Vision on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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