Shanghai – Changxing Island

Shanghai – Changxing Island

Changxing Island is not large, covering an area of ​​88 square kilometers.

The development of Changxing Island began during the Republic of China, and most of the population moved in during the Republic of China period. In the early days, fishermen were the main people, and fishing and harvesting wild reeds were the main industries. Later, some families that had taken root had encircled the dike and gradually formed agriculture. After the founding of the people’s Republic of China, some fishermen in Pudong moved in and allocated cultivated land. This part of the people was locally called “new farmers”.

The economy of Changxing Island is dominated by agriculture. In 2008, CSSC relocated all four companies to Changxing Island. Changxing Island will become China’s largest shipbuilding base. Official propaganda in 2007 has defined Changxing Island as “Marine Equipment Industry Island”.

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