Relaxing Music – Karlovsko Praskalo Waterfall, Bulgaria

Karlovsko Praskalo Waterfall is a waterfall in the Central Balkan National Park, Balkan Mountains, central Bulgaria. It is located at 1,450 m altitude in the southern slope of the Zhaltets Peak. The waterfall is 30 m high. Karlovsko Praskalo and the surrounding area was declared a natural landmark in 1965.

Relaxing music with nature sounds of the waterfall for relaxation, sleeping, meditation and yoga filmed in the Bulgarian Nature in Central Balkan National Park near Karlovo.

Karlovo is a historically important town in central Bulgaria located in a fertile valley along the river Stryama at the southern foot of the Balkan Mountains.

Video Source: Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds – Waterfall HD from puh81 on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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