Northern Lapwing – Natural Bird Sound

Northern Lapwing – Natural Bird Sound

Features: 28-31 cm in length. The iris is dark brown. The mouth is black. The feet are red or grayish pink.

The male bird has a black forehead and a black head, and a slender and slightly forward black crest feather on the back of the head. The face is dirty white, with white eyebrow line and black eyeliner, black chin, throat, and front neck.

There is a wide black horizontal band on the chest. The lower chest, abdomen and armpits are white, and the tail is covered with feathers and reddish brown. The nape of the neck is earthy yellow, the back is olive-green shining, the apex of the shoulder feathers is purple, and the covering feathers are bronze-cyan shining.

The tail overlying feathers are reddish brown, the base of the tail feathers is white, the back half is black, and the tip is gray-white.

The female bird resembles the male bird, but has shorter crest feathers on the back of the head and white spots on the chin, throat, and front neck.

The non-reproductive feathers have all white throats, khaki-yellow face and nape, and yellow feather margins on the back.

Distribution: Breed in Eurasia, Mongolia, and Northeast China in summer. Migrate to India, North Africa, Japan, South Korea, South China, Northern Southeast Asia,Taiwan and other places to keep out the cold in winter.

Video Source: 小辮鴴(鳳頭麥雞)/Northern Lapwing from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube CC BY

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