Northern Lapwing in Japan – Elusive Bird

Northern Lapwing in Japan – Elusive Bird

It was the first time to film this bird Northern Lapwing (Tageri) because they are so elusive.

The northern lapwing, also known as the peewit or pewit, tuit or tew-it, green plover, or (in Britain and Ireland) pyewipe or just lapwing, is a bird in the lapwing subfamily. It is common through temperate Eurosiberia.

It is highly migratory over most of its extensive range, wintering further south as far as North Africa, northern India, Nepal, Bhutan and parts of China. It migrates mainly by day, often in large flocks.

Lowland breeders in westernmost areas of Europe are residents. It occasionally is a vagrant to North America, especially after storms, as in the Canadian sightings after storms in December 1927 and in January 1966.

It is a wader that breeds on cultivated land and other short vegetation habitats. 3–4 eggs are laid in a ground scrape. The nest and young are defended noisily and aggressively against all intruders, up to and including horses and cattle.

In winter, it forms huge flocks on open land, particularly arable land and mud-flats.

Video Source: Really Elusive Bird Northern Lapwing from Birbs of Japan on YoutubeCC BY

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