Mountain Hydrangea – Takahata-Fudoson Temple, Hino, Tokyo

Mountain Hydrangea – Takahata-Fudoson Buddhist Temple, Hino, Tokyo

Hydrangea serrata is a species of flowering plant in the family Hydrangeaceae, native to mountainous regions of Korea and Japan. Common names include mountain hydrangea and tea of heaven.

Growing to 1.2 m tall and broad, it is a deciduous shrub with oval leaves and panicles of blue and pink flowers in summer and autumn. It is widely cultivated as an attractive ornamental shrub throughout the world in areas with suitable climate and soil.

Hino is a city located in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan.

Video Source: ヤマアジサイが見頃‼高幡不動尊2021 Mountain hydrangea is in full bloom at Takahata-Fudoson 2021 from 名無くん on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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