Tan Si Chong Su Chinese Taoist Temple – Singapore

Tan Si Chong Su Chinese Taoist Temple – Singapore

Tan Si Chong Su, or Ancestral Hall of the Tan Clan, is a Chinese temple in Singapore. It is located on Magazine Road in the Singapore River Planning Area within Singapore’s central business district.

It was constructed between 1876 and 1878 as the ancestral temple for those with the same Tan surname, based on the premise that Chinese people with the same surname would share a common ancestry and therefore belong to the same clan. The Temple also dedicated to Kai Zhang Sheng Wang (開漳聖王),the Patron Deity and founder of Zhangzhou City in China.

The temple is also known as the “Tan Seng Haw” and Po Chiak Keng (保赤宫, also written as Bao Chi Gong and other variants), meaning “palace for the protection of the innocent”, reflecting its earlier role as a place that provided help for those in disputes as well as new Chinese immigrants in Singapore.

We will take a slow motion look at this Chinese Taoist Temple.

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