Minamisawa Ajisai Mountain – Akiruno, Tokyo

Minamisawa Ajisai Mountain – Akiruno, Tokyo

Akiruno is a city located in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. Minamisawa Ajisai (Hydrangea) Mountain is a mountain located in Akiruno City.

Mr. Chuichi Minamisawa, a legendary man who created Minamisawa Hydrangea Mountain by himself. It is familiarly called “Chuicchan” by the locals. He only plants hydrangea for about 50 years. The number of hydrangeas are about 10,000. A fantastic panoramic view of the hydrangea that blooms in a tranquil forest.

We hope that this Minamisawa Hydrangea Mountain will be a “hydrangea spot” that will be a healing time for local residents and tourists.

Video Source: Minamisawa Hydrangea Mountain | Hanasaka or old man’s hydrangea spot from Wonderful Japan – 日本の祭さん。 on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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