Kyoto Walk – Cherry Blossom Festival in Hirano Shrine

Kyoto Walk – Cherry Blossom Festival in Hirano Shrine

Hirano Shrine (平野神社, Hirano-jinja) is a Shinto shrine located in Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Japan.

The shrine was established in the year 794 by Emperor Kammu. From the earliest years, the shrine has been often visited by members of the Imperial family.

The shrine became the object of Imperial patronage during the early Heian period, running from 794 to 1185. It followed the Nara period, beginning when the 50th emperor, Emperor Kanmu, moved the capital of Japan to Heian-kyō from Nagaoka-kyō.

Heian means “peace” in Japanese.

The shrine has been the site of a cherry blossom festival annually since 985. The long history of festivals at the Shrine began during the reign of Emperor Kazan, and it has become the oldest regularly held festival in Kyoto.

Today this site is still renowned for its cherry blossom trees. 1,000 cherry trees were planted in the shrine grounds by Emperor Kazan in the mid Heian period. The lavish festival held by Imperial order on the 10th day of the 4th month of 985 continues today as the Hirano Sakura-matsuri Festival.

Each year, the festival begins in the morning with a ceremony at the mausoleum of former Emperor Kazan. In the afternoon, a procession travels from the shrine into the neighboring area and back.

Video Source: 2023.4.10~京都⛩平野神社🌸桜花祭【Cherry Blossom Festival🌸Hiranojinja-shrine Kyoto Japan】from Kyoto trip TV on Youtube CC BY