Hydrangeas in Jindai Botanical Gardens – Chofu, Tokyo

Hydrangeas in Jindai Botanical Gardens – Chofu, Tokyo

Chofu is a city in the Tokyo Metropolis, Japan.

The Jindai Botanical Garden is at the edge of the Musashino plateau just above Jindaiji Temple in Chofu, Tokyo, Japan. It extends across 425,433 square meters, and each of its thirty areas features varieties of one kind of plant. Displays of ume, cherries, azalea, dogwood, peonies, roses, wisteria or other can be seen every month. In front of the temple below there is also a wetland annex for aquatic plants, where irises are cultivated.

The garden has 100,000 trees and shrubs representing approximately 4,500 varieties, each with an identifying label. The park has a plant protection program to preserve endangered Japanese species and exhibitions and activities related to gardening for the benefit of local citizens. Just outside the rear gate there is an area where some plants are sold.

The site of Jindai Botanical Garden was once part of a medieval fortress said to date from 1537. Later it was a nursery that supplied trees for Tokyo’s streets. After the war it was opened to the public as Jindai ryokuchi (緑地, green area) and in 1961 it was given its current name as it became the first botanical garden in Tokyo.

Video Source: アジサイ展と地植えアジサイ‼神代植物公園2021💘Hydrangea Exhibition and Hydrangeas at Jindai botanical garden 2021 from 名無くん on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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