Heuberg Mountain Hike – Nußdorf am Inn, Germany

Heuberg Mountain Hike – Nußdorf am Inn, Germany

Nußdorf am Inn is a municipality in the district of Rosenheim in the state of Bavaria in Germany. Nußdorf consists of 23 boroughs and is a tourist destination in the Inn Valley between the Heuberg Wendelstein mountains on the Tyrol border.

Heuberg is a mountain of Bavaria. It lies on the edge of the Inn Valley near Nussdorf am Inn . An easy mountain hike leads to the main summit, known as Heuberg (1338 m). In contrast, the three other peaks, the water wall (1367 m), the Kitzstein (1398 m) and the Kindlwand (1228 m) require surefootedness in exposed terrain.

Our tour starts at the Schweibern hiking car park.

From there a forest road leads through a beech forest, then we cross a concrete road. Then we come to a clearing with three huts.

From there it goes steeply stony uphill over the water ditch between the water wall and the Kindlwand.

At the top, the ridge continues towards the summit of the Heuberg. However, despite the previous effort, you should not miss the view of the Inn Valley towards Austria with the impressive alpine panorama.

Now it is only a few meters to the summit (1338m). The water wall towers above it impressively. The descent goes in the direction of the Daffnerwaldalm first through the forest and then over a meadow steeply downhill to the Daffnerwaldalm. From there we follow the concrete road to a junction, where we walk left on our familiar path from the ascent down to the parking lot.

Video Source: Wanderung auf den Heuberg from zoomimmotion on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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