Green Turaco – Natural Bird Sound

Green Turaco – Natural Bird Sound

The green turaco is a group of four taxa of turacos, which once were considered conspecific under the scientific name Tauraco persa, but now are treated as four separate species:
Guinea turaco, Tauraco persa • Schalow’s turaco, Tauraco schalowi • Livingstone’s turaco, Tauraco livingstonii • Knysna turaco, Tauraco corythaix.

Body length 35 cm. The iris is brown, the rims of the eyes are red, the eyes are white at first, and there are fine black lines under the eyes. Mouth stubby, pink. Feet grey.
Male and female are similar. The head, towering crest, back pillow, neck, chest and back are grass green. The lower back, waist and tail are light black. Wings, belly, and undertail coverts dark green.


Video Source: 綠絲冠僧帽鳥/Green Turaco from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube CC BY

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